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Tong Sheng Restaurant

Restaurant Info An excellent restaurant to try out lots of traditional and exotic Chinese food. Typically eaten with rice, its a popular restaurant for both locals and tourists alike. If you plan to try out this place, do note that you may need to queue due to overwhelming customers. LocationADDRESS: No. 377 & 378, TamanRead More

Portuguese Square Seafood Center

Restaurant Info Not within walking distance of our homestay, but the drive there will not only be worth every penny, but an opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy one of a kind seafood in the actual portuguese settlement of Malacca. The place is even more lively during Christmas, so time your holidays! LocationADDRESS: Jalan Daranjo,Read More

Crystal Bay Marine Alai Perdana Seafood

Restaurant Info These well known series of seafood restaurants are quite a distant from our homestay, but the journey is absolutely worth it. Serving a variety of Malay style of fresh seafood dishes, an excellent and affordable choice for any seafood lover and for those who've had too much tasty nyonya food. LocationADDRESS: No.7 crystalRead More

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